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Puppy Issue

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I have a 7weeks old pomchi recently from a breeder.

Understand that 7weeks is not the ideal age to bring him back home and it is not by choice, the mama of the puppies and the breeder will be migrating to another country. Therefore we will have to take it earlier. But I have 2 question that has been bothering me.

I had him for only 5days as of today. During the first two days, he did not really eat or drink as we understand that he is still not familiarized with the new environment.
On the third day, he was doing good! He is eating from the bowl without being hand feed. Yesterday(fourth day), he suddenly refuses to eat or drink. He still has a lot of energy to play with us during play time. He poops twice a day and pee regularly.
Today he still does not eat his meals regularly, skip breakfast and lunch. bought him to the kitchen to have his meals instead of his crate. And surprisingly he eats on plates instead of a bowl. Is he being choosy and picky about the food and bowls? I am currently changing his food, where I mixed a little of his previous one and the new one.

Another question is:

He wakes up in the morning 5:20 am whining to be out of the crate (he has been like this for the past 4 days but before that we just want him to be reassured that he is not being abandoned)
It becomes a habit for him. We are currently trying to crate train him, letting him whine thinking he will stop after mins. Turns out he did not. And my mom went over to reassure him again this time we did not carry him out. Because if we let him out he will know "when I cry, mama will let me out".

Please let me know how am I going to train him well.

Thank you.
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Puppies not eating for two days is kind of a big deal, especially for small breeds. I think a vet visit is in order, especially since you got him from a shady breeder. It could be that he just doesn't like eating from the bowl, but I would still clear him of medical issues.

Very little baby puppies typically need at least 1-2 potty breaks during the night. Set an alarm for halfway through the night so you can get up and take him out (preferably before he starts whining), then after he has gone potty bring him back to his crate at once.
I agree with Lilith. A puppy not eating for more than a day should go to the vet. In the meantime try changing the type of food and the food dish - it could be that simple. When Kane was a puppy he wouldn't drink water from anything except his one water bowl. If we moved the bowl to a different room he wouldn't drink from it. It's good to try to get them used to eating/drinking from different things.

He will likely need to go out to the bathroom at least once or twice per night at his age. Get up and take him directly out to the bathroom spot and once he goes take him directly back in to his bed. He will eventually learn that whining will only get him a short potty break (no playing or extra attention).
Thank you, both Lilith and Jen for your help.

Have gone to the vet, he is healthy. Probably he is just picky about his food as the previous owner has been feeding him carrots.
Took him to take his first vaccination and it was a success. Today he is eating already. Guess he is just picky.

We set a pee tray in his crate. And he knows where to take a break when he is awake. Hopefully, it will get better after a few more days. Last night was the 2nd night he whine but it wasn't an hour. This time was shorter (around 20mins and softer) so hope he will understand it soon enough.
I caution you against putting a pee tray inside the crate...that can lead to confusion down the road, and a dog that thinks its okay to soil his crate. Most people will put an x-pen with pee pads (or tray) attached to the crate so the dog has his crate for sleeping/hanging out, and a separate area OUTSIDE the crate for potty if he needs to.
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