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You've got a good start, but one thing that will really help is to de-sensitizing your pup to men from a distance.
This is a great video on a protocol called BAT (behavioral adjustment therapy) that can be used for both fear and reactivity.

One thing I would suggest is to not force your nervous pup to interact with anyone if he doesn't want to. If he's reluctant to approach strange men (even with with food), you can simply get them to toss a treat in his direction. It's better if he can choose whether or not to interact with them. If he feels like he's in control of the interaction (i.e. if he feels like he has the ability to terminate the interaction if he feels threatened) he will be less fearful.
If you have male friends who are willing to help, you could also practice having them come over and act very non-threatening (so, no eye contact, no reaching over or approaching your pup, sitting down quietly and letting him come to them, periodically tossing treats, etc.).

Good luck :)
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