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Puppy is bitting her feet and tail

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What is it about my puppy that she likes to bite her feet and tail.
Are these body parts another chew toy?
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I think the poops could be because of the food as well..my older two dogs were on pedigree for a while and had horrible stomach issues from it.

The itching I do think is probably from the corn. I switched my puppy over to Diamond Naturals puppy which does have grains but no corn, wheat, or soy and for her the itching has calmed down considerably. I haven't seen her chew on her paws or body except a little bit when coming in from outside. I think the issue she has with outside is that it's kind of humid but chilly outside and I think that makes her a little itchy. It's not a constant need to itch though, so for us I think grain inclusive but not corn inclusive is working.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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