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Puppy is bitting her feet and tail

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What is it about my puppy that she likes to bite her feet and tail.
Are these body parts another chew toy?
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Is she biting and looking at it like she has no idea what it is? Or is it more of a munch munch munch, concentrated itching? Puppies are like babies and like to explore everything, I can remember when Sydney was a puppy and suddenly discovered she had a tail!! lol she would see its shadow and get scared.

I second the allergies if its a more concentrated itching. Get her on a grain free diet and see if that clears it up! Its amazing what a change in diet will do for a dog!
That's right. That biting behavior is an allergic reaction. My dogs are on raw meat and bones for three years now. They don't get allergies and don't smell at all since I stopped using pelletized and grain-based food. Plant-based material will tax the pancreas of dogs because they're not meant to digest those.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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