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Puppy is bitting her feet and tail

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What is it about my puppy that she likes to bite her feet and tail.
Are these body parts another chew toy?
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We got her Friday and we are going in for shots on Tuesday.
I just read the ingredients.
It does read corn as the main ingredients.
Grain free, what kind of brands provide grain free.

I have only noticed that she chews when she is playing outside.
I haven't sprayed any pesticides
Nor have I placed any fertilizer out.
Good old fashion marathon grass and it's a little moist.

But, honey could also be exploring with the flavor of the grass on her feet.
We got a bag of pedigree kibble dog food
So I started with Taste of the Wild's website and it should me many feed stores that are in the area that carry that product.
We just went to the grocery store to get our food, and grabbed a bag of food off the shelf.
The bag looked pretty and it was convenient to get.
That's marketing.

I'll be heading off to the feed store to see what's in stock.
I'll be taking the list that was recommended from up above.

Thank you guys
Perhaps I should start a new thread, but it was stated that I should buy non grain puppy food.
I am going this after noon to pick some up, but I have a concern and I am thinking that it is the food that I am feeding her.

Over the past few days, I have been feeding her about 2 cups through the use of chew toys.
Its doing good feeding her this way.
And the pooping has been not too much, just a hand full amounts every 8 hours or so.

But this morning I had a poop-O-rama.
6 am we did our potty brake out side, but only pee.
Waited for poop, but nothing came.
Then I placed her in the crate so I can prepare her food, and she pooped in the crate.
Then I placed her in the expen so that I could clean up the crate and she went again (in the expen), but this time more.
I got the expen cleaned and placed her back in the expen, and she went again.
It looks like she cleaned out her collin.
Is this normal?
Was she holding back?
Or is it the food?

Thanks again in advance for your help.
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When I used pedigree kibble and put some on the grass for her to find, she wouldn't really hunt for it - pretty much she couldn't find or smell it or just not interested.
Now with the Taste of the Wild, she immediately sniffed out all the kibble.
It was exciting.
Also, the puppy's poop had changed to soft solid material instead of diarrhea.
Additionally, the poop came out just after peeing, whereas before it would take an additional 20 minutes and it was also in the diarrhea form.

But, she still is nibbling on her rear paws and tail tip.

I am going to the vet tomorrow.
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