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Puppy is bitting her feet and tail

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What is it about my puppy that she likes to bite her feet and tail.
Are these body parts another chew toy?
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What is she fed? Itchy paws can be a sign of food allergies.
I just read the ingredients.
It does read corn as the main ingredients.
Grain free, what kind of brands provide grain free.

I have only noticed that she chews when she is playing outside.
I haven't sprayed any pesticides
Nor have I placed any fertilizer out.
Good old fashion marathon grass and it's a little moist.

But, honey could also be exploring with the flavor of the grass on her feet.
What brand of food exactly is she eating? It would help to see all the ingredients. I would avoid any dog food that has corn in it. Not good for them, is usually genetically modified, and makes for some large poops haha.

Some good brands I have had personal experience with are Taste of the Wild, Orijen, and Canidae. Some other good brands that members are happy with here ( I am not 100% sure they have a grain free) are Acana, Blue Buffalo, and Fromm.

It doesn't sound like Honey is tasting the flavor, it sounds like she is itching. I would definitely start looking to see what high quality kibbles are in your area.

My dogs are also on a diet like dustinshaw98's dogs, although it has only been about a month and I already see a huge difference. Poops are less than half the original size, zero smell, more energy, and the "doggy" smell has gone away.
That sounds like the issue. Pedigree is an extremely low quality dog food. It is mostly grains, has unnamed meat products, chemical preservatives, and artificial ingredients, all of which could be causing problems. Here is a great article explaining exactly why these ingredients are bad and what they can cause. This food is also very low in fat, which could also be contributing to her itching, although I am betting it is the grains and chemicals.

The extra chemicals are very bad for her liver, and the very high amount of grain/plant matter is also bad for her organs to be processing. These ingredients are not species-appropriate and are making her body work harder to try and process them, not to mention her liver has to process the chemicals BHA and all the artificial colorings.
That is not unheard of for people to just pick a pretty bag at the store and be done with it. But one of the biggest things that people do for themselves but not for their pets is to check ingredients, but when you think about it, it just makes sense to check them. I would personally want to know what my dog was ingesting, which is low quality kibble is often other dogs (euthanized pets and dead zoo animals are allowed to make up some of these unnamed meat sources like "animal fat" or "meat and bone meal". I would definitely check out this link ( http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/dog-food-reviews/pedigree-dog-food-dry/) to understand why pedigree is such a terrible food and why to avoid the ingredients in it. I would avoid any pet food you get at the grocery store as well.

Taste of the Wild is an EXCELLENT food. Just make sure to transition extra slowly since you are going from very low quality to very high quality. It will take some time for her body to detox all the toxins from the Pedigree so she may get a bit worse for a bit but she will probably do great on TOTW once that is all flushed out.
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There can be a detox-like effect when switching from a not so good food to a very good food. The ingredients are very, very different. It could take some time for the artificial colorings and preservatives to come out. There are some people I know that have bad reactions when they eat things with those ingredients (soda, chips, etc), so I would think a dog could also have a bad reaction.
That sounds like great improvement! Give the itching some time to go away, it can take a few weeks in some instances.
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