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Puppy is bitting her feet and tail

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What is it about my puppy that she likes to bite her feet and tail.
Are these body parts another chew toy?
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Is she biting and looking at it like she has no idea what it is? Or is it more of a munch munch munch, concentrated itching? Puppies are like babies and like to explore everything, I can remember when Sydney was a puppy and suddenly discovered she had a tail!! lol she would see its shadow and get scared.

I second the allergies if its a more concentrated itching. Get her on a grain free diet and see if that clears it up! Its amazing what a change in diet will do for a dog!
I just read the ingredients.
It does read corn as the main ingredients.
Grain free, what kind of brands provide grain free.
Taste of the Wild is grain free, and one of the less expensive ones available. They sell it at Tractor Supply if there is one around you, and if not you can go on their website and it tells you retailers in your area that sell it.
As far as I know it is still an all stages dog food, meaning you can feed it to puppies. We had our foster puppy on it for the week that he was with us and he looked dramatically better then when he came to us in that short of time!!
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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