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My puppy has been home for two weeks now and there has been absolutely zero improvement in her screaming.
She has an ex pen in the living room which contains her crate and a pee pad. Any time I put her in there (when I leave for work, or can?t supervise her) she SCREAMS and barks and leaps at the sides of the pen. As soon as I get home from work, I?m not even through the door and she?s screaming again. Eventually, she will settle, but it takes 10, 15 minutes or more.
Same kind of deal at bed time... I put her in a crate next to my bed, and if I step out of the room to brush my teeth or whatever, the screaming begins.
I?ve been diligent about ignoring her while she?s throwing these fits, but after two weeks, my patience is running thin. Is there anything I can do, or is ?waiting it out? the only way to get her over this?
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