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Well I have 2 dachshunds. Jax 4 yrs old and Romeo 5 months. I'm having trouble getting Romeo to go eliminate outside. When I received Romeo he already used wee wee pads. I did walk him outside at first till he got his shots. Ok first few day Romeo went outside and did pee pee with no problems on a little patch of grass. So I'm like great he is getting the idea. I praise him when he goes n was giving him a treat. At the moment he stays in the kitchen with a child gate. I have a crate but have not used it. Ok for some reason now he won't pee outside he holds it and then pees when he gets inside and not on the pad. I stayed out with him one night for 2 hours and he cries cause he has to pee. As soon I get inside he pees. I used the crate and kept taking him out and he holds it. He almost totally avoids the grass patch now. It did thunderstorm and the grass was wet.
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