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Hi there everybody, This will be a long read. I am asking for some advice or suggestions on a bluetick hound puppy I recently got. I have been around hound puppies before and other breeds I have had in the past. So I am not brand new to dogs but not sure what else to try. There is a few behavior things I am concerned about and not sure how to correct but I will give as much detail as I can. It is a female hound that's a pup. 1) issue I have noticed is she is very food aggressive/possessive. Not in the sense that if you take it away she will snap or bite but even getting to the spot with her food dish she will knock you down or try to, to get to her food. Then would inhale it in seconds. Then get sick/vomit. If you make a noise with her dish or food container on you like no tomorrow. I think this might go back to her weeks of development and possibly having to compete for food with her siblings from a single bowl, I am assuming this. I feed her plenty but never seems to be enough. When I did get her she was skinny. I did get a bowl that does slow her down on the consumption but this aggressiveness is something I haven't seen from a dog before, even my previous lab male didn't do this and they are notorious food dogs. That is just an observation and want some input on. 2) I don't understand this one but when we get into my pickup she will be whining and screaming. I make sure she has relieved herself, has a toy, and chew bones, but doesn't stop whining and screaming in the pickup. I have no idea why but its what she does. 3) at dinner time for my family she is very hyperactive/gets I think overtired at night, and I mean every single night. We do crate train so when my family eats the dog is put away so we can eat in peace and not have a dog jump all over you trying to eat a burger or something, she doesn't bark or whine but screams. Screaming so loud it pierces your ears. Even a good walk or playing to wear her out beforehand does zero. Non-stop screaming, not barking or whining. This is a shrill, blood curdling bark scream. You'd have to hear it to get the full effect. I do know not to let them out of the crate when doing this but when its for hours and hours and hours it gets old fast. Some nights its an hour but like tonight it was bad, 4-5 hours. She is very comfortable with the crate to. That is her safe place. 4) saved the best for last, the biting. I understand pups will use their mouths to figure things out and what not. There is a difference between puppy biting and chomping down and getting blood. For weeks it becomes the latter. Especially at night. Tried praising good behavior, treats and good girls, of using toys or chew bones, using the crate more, scolding, news paper, and every thing else I can think of to curb it from positive reinforcement to negative. Nothing so far has put a dent in it for weeks. She will start out playing and be good then like a switch will try to nail your arms and knees hard. Give a chew bone or toy and for 5-10 seconds be happy with that then back to your arms and knees. Just getting tired of punctures on arms and around knees, my mother takes care of her when I am away at work and she has it worse than I do, marks up and down her arms. My mother can't take much more of it and neither can I. She is the best pup from 8-9 am till 3-4 pm and acts like a normal pup. Loves to play, doesn't bite to hurt, go on a good walk, go to work, will find a scent of a rabbit and go chase, developed games to find her treats that are hidden to use that nose of hers, friendly with others and other dogs, then becomes an absolute nightmare from hell around 4pm till 9pm and won't calm down when needed, after 9pm will be on the couch with a chew bone watching tv and at around 10-11 its bed time. I had the vet take a look and there was an upper respiratory infection which is getting taken care of also. Any other ideas or suggestions? Willing to try anything to curb it.
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