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Puppy has Parvo: when will we be out of the woods...

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Hi, I recently adopted a miniture Dachsund. Since we got her she has been diagnosed with cocidiosis and Parvo. Were on our 3rd day of parvo treatement and our 5th day of cocidiosis treatment. We opted to treat her at home because the vet said it would be $2500 to treat her at the 24hour hospital. Currently were giving her 50ml of IV every 8-12 hours, an anti nosia shot every 8-12 hours, and an antibiotic and some medicine for the cocidiosis once a day. She has yet to have a bloody stool and is willing to eat only to throw it up. She was about house trained when she was diagnosed with parvo and since the diagnosis insistes on going outside to have diahreah/throwups. She is very lethargic but seems to be fighting the infection pretty well. I have believed sinec she was diagnosed that we could get through this and she has maintained her mood/activity level throughout. What are some good signs that we are almost through the woods? Anyone who has faced this first hand successfully please respond and let me know what i should be looking for.
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ok i tried the milk she puked it up I'm getting some parvaid then im going to feed her and see what happens. I just cant understand what shoving food down the dogs throut is gonna help but make her feel worse. It would take her weeks to starve to death because were giving her the IV solution. I'm just ticked off because it seems the doctor knows everything about parvo except an effective way to treat it besides just giving fluid and shoving food down her throat.
I would really try tamiflu its about 100 but from everything i am reading on the forums and different websites is that it really helps because it attacks the virus like no other medication can. i have spent over $500 in the last 3-4 day on everything to help my puppies and they are dying one by one i asked my vet for a script and he gave it to me today i just started 1st dose about 1 1/2 hours ago. hopefully i will start to see improvements by tomorrow sometime if it is going to work. I will keep you informed if it works for my babies.
just applied the first two doses of parvaid. She puked it up but im gonna keep giving it to her
Is she keeping water down? Or is she just getting that through the IV?? If she can keep water down you should really try the boiled rice.. It's very very bland, which is exactly what her tummy needs. Make sure to cook the heck outta it though so it's very water logged and mushy... it will make it easier for her to digest. Good luck! I hope this all works out for you.

Also, your vet is doing the best they can.. especially if they are trying to get you Tamiflu.. The only thing that can be done for parvo is to try and string them through it.. Tamiflu has been showing promise though in dogs that it has been used on... It works like it does on humans apparently, because Parvo is a type of Flu..
Vet hasn't said anything about tamiflu. Currently she cant keep any water down. She is going downhill very very quickly and I'm at a loss as to what to do. About to give the second hour dose of parvaid and then 1.5 hours to IV. She has used most her energy puking today. She has had one stool that ive seen that had a bit of solid in it but was very mushy. If she can just show a bit of improvement it would make all the difference. She literally looks like a skeleton with skin.
:( Just to let you know, this is not a happy story. I'm so sorry that you are going through the dreaded parvo virus. We also had a miniature dachshund puppy, she was 9 weeks old. We didn't have her for 24 hours when she became ill. This was over Memorial Weekend and we took her to the emergency hospital where she was diagnosed. The treatments that were done for her consisted primarily of hydration via IV, antibiotics, also she was diagnosed with worms. Her symptoms were similar, not too much bloody diarrhea, which we thought was good, but not interested in eating although she ate a bit on the 3rd day and we started to think she had turned a corner but she went downhill really fast on the 4th night. Her temperature was plummeting which was indicative of shock and they tried to raise her body temp. She was such skin and bones OMG! I just thought "how can this little body fight this?" We prayed and prayed for her to make it but she passed away on the 5th morning. I hope that your story does not end this way and I'm sending a prayer for her. All of the veterinarians said that the sign of improvement is eating. Since her death, another friend said she lost a miniature dachshund puppy last year. I wonder if they are inordinately affected as a breed? My thoughts and my prayers are with you right now.
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Emma passed just a few minutes ago. Pray for my wife and me she is taking it very hard.
Emma passed just a few minutes ago. Pray for my wife and me she is taking it very hard.
I'm so sorry to hear this :( Parvo is such a tough thing to beat... We'll be praying for you..
Well here is how it went down. I started administering parvaid lastnight around 6 o'clock at that point she was coherent but was puking everything we put in her out. By 12 am she was catatonic and would bareley look at us. We administered IV and contiued hourly parvaid doses. She was trying to puke it up but either couldnt or wouldnt. I went to bed at 4am and my wife watched her. She said she wet her bed without moving several times. At 8 AM we administered the IV and while administering it she pooped what looked to be a sausage lining in my lap without moving I went to wash up and change and while i was gone she puked and took her last breath. My wife didnt even realize she wasnt breathing. This has been the worse thing I have ever experienced with an animal.
We have since then bleached the entire house. Thrown out all beds and toys and bleached the yard. I dug a 3ft hole in the backyard and placed her in and filled with lime and dirt and placed rocks over the grave.
If you are treating parvo good luck to you. Keep your spirits high while trying to face the reality that the dog might not make it. It's nothing you can do it's mothernature at work and while it is possible to nurse a dog through it their chances are less than good. If ever I am faced with this kind of condition i will have the dog put to sleep.
Thank you for your encouraging words and advise. With time me and my wife will move on. Right now we are going to focus on each other and my 3 year old wheaten lab. Poor Cloe has been neglected the past week and needs some special attention.
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I'm so sorry for your loss....what a horrible experience you and your wife have just been through. My thoughts are with you both.
I'm so sorry. :( I was hoping for the best but worried it wouldn't work out when you said she couldn't keep anything down. My thoughts are with you all, and yes, your wheaten/lab probably could use some extra love right now. Take care and let yourselves grieve.
I am very sorry this ended this way. Parvo is an awful disease. I saw this when I was a kid. We had 3 pups. Only one made it. Again.. I am very sorry.
I am so sorry to hear about Emma. Puppies are like babies it breaks your heart to see one pass away like that.I know how you feel i just lost 7 in the past couple days. My others are responding great to Tamiflu.I wish i could of got the 7 i lost on Tamiflu too. The day after starting tamiflu my little ones started to eat and drink again i started it on monday and today they are playing and eating pretty good.Next time keep Tamiflu in mind and mention it to your vet so in the future he might be able to save another puppy from this deadly Virus.
Honestly my vet is the only person through this who I believe didn't give their best effort. We took emma to her 2 days prior before she was diagnosed with parvo. That day she fecal tested her but didnt run the parvo test even though she was loosing weight, having diahreah, and throwing up. I believe those two days were the ones that made the difference. We could have fed her more while she was actually keeping some down gave her the antibiotics and administered the IV. Thank god my veterinarians isn't a Doctor or I would be suing the sh*t out of her along with burying my child.

Live and Learn or Repeat and Pay

I'm glad ur puppies are doing well. Take care of them and make sure you tell them how much you love them.
I am so sorry for your loss parvo is alful

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