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Puppy has Parvo: when will we be out of the woods...

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Hi, I recently adopted a miniture Dachsund. Since we got her she has been diagnosed with cocidiosis and Parvo. Were on our 3rd day of parvo treatement and our 5th day of cocidiosis treatment. We opted to treat her at home because the vet said it would be $2500 to treat her at the 24hour hospital. Currently were giving her 50ml of IV every 8-12 hours, an anti nosia shot every 8-12 hours, and an antibiotic and some medicine for the cocidiosis once a day. She has yet to have a bloody stool and is willing to eat only to throw it up. She was about house trained when she was diagnosed with parvo and since the diagnosis insistes on going outside to have diahreah/throwups. She is very lethargic but seems to be fighting the infection pretty well. I have believed sinec she was diagnosed that we could get through this and she has maintained her mood/activity level throughout. What are some good signs that we are almost through the woods? Anyone who has faced this first hand successfully please respond and let me know what i should be looking for.
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Wow i been trying everything you have been i have lost a whole litter and 1 from another litter. i have one thats going down hill fast. Today i talked my vet into giving me a tamiflu perscription he said we are pulling at straws but from what i read Tamiflu saves alot of dogs.I am glad yours has been holding on for 5 days thats great. Mine where dying one by one i cant take it no more i am trying everything to keep these last 6 alive. I will tell you if tamiflu works as soon as i see improvements.
I would really try tamiflu its about 100 but from everything i am reading on the forums and different websites is that it really helps because it attacks the virus like no other medication can. i have spent over $500 in the last 3-4 day on everything to help my puppies and they are dying one by one i asked my vet for a script and he gave it to me today i just started 1st dose about 1 1/2 hours ago. hopefully i will start to see improvements by tomorrow sometime if it is going to work. I will keep you informed if it works for my babies.
I am so sorry to hear about Emma. Puppies are like babies it breaks your heart to see one pass away like that.I know how you feel i just lost 7 in the past couple days. My others are responding great to Tamiflu.I wish i could of got the 7 i lost on Tamiflu too. The day after starting tamiflu my little ones started to eat and drink again i started it on monday and today they are playing and eating pretty good.Next time keep Tamiflu in mind and mention it to your vet so in the future he might be able to save another puppy from this deadly Virus.
1 - 3 of 35 Posts
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