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Puppy has Parvo: when will we be out of the woods...

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Hi, I recently adopted a miniture Dachsund. Since we got her she has been diagnosed with cocidiosis and Parvo. Were on our 3rd day of parvo treatement and our 5th day of cocidiosis treatment. We opted to treat her at home because the vet said it would be $2500 to treat her at the 24hour hospital. Currently were giving her 50ml of IV every 8-12 hours, an anti nosia shot every 8-12 hours, and an antibiotic and some medicine for the cocidiosis once a day. She has yet to have a bloody stool and is willing to eat only to throw it up. She was about house trained when she was diagnosed with parvo and since the diagnosis insistes on going outside to have diahreah/throwups. She is very lethargic but seems to be fighting the infection pretty well. I have believed sinec she was diagnosed that we could get through this and she has maintained her mood/activity level throughout. What are some good signs that we are almost through the woods? Anyone who has faced this first hand successfully please respond and let me know what i should be looking for.
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I feel for you every step of the way I've been through this! German Shepherd 6 months old came down with Parvo before anyone knew what it really was. Whatever happens, the dog must eat and keep it down. Anything! Flavor anything with anything but it must stay down. It's the dog's own willpower that will get him through this. I stayed up for 10 days and ten nights straight just to keep my girl alive but we did it. Parvo has to be without a doubt the worst disease any dog can get and it's heartbreaking to watch.
My vets advice was to start with flavored fluids so the dog gets at least some nourishment and force it down if you have to. If it comes up again try again, but the dog must eat. As soon as it stays down you're on your way, I started believe it or not with strawberry milk, one of her favorites. It takes awhile to recover but with outright determination you can do it.
Ease back on the amount fed so she gets some nourishment out of it. I started with a simple tablespoon then increased once the regurgitation period increased. The IV is keeping her strength up. If it takes eight hours to bring it back up she's getting something but it isn't much so ease back on what you give her. At all costs make sure she knows you're there at all times and of course watch the stool if there is one and don't worry if there isn't. If she's urinating that's a good sign. This is going to take time and believe me I'm there with you, been there done that and it's gut wrenching I know. Be careful though, Parvo is an airborne virus and you're a carrier so stay away from other dogs until this is over. I'll be watching my e-mail and if there's anything I can do believe me I'll do it.
1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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