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Puppy has Parvo: when will we be out of the woods...

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Hi, I recently adopted a miniture Dachsund. Since we got her she has been diagnosed with cocidiosis and Parvo. Were on our 3rd day of parvo treatement and our 5th day of cocidiosis treatment. We opted to treat her at home because the vet said it would be $2500 to treat her at the 24hour hospital. Currently were giving her 50ml of IV every 8-12 hours, an anti nosia shot every 8-12 hours, and an antibiotic and some medicine for the cocidiosis once a day. She has yet to have a bloody stool and is willing to eat only to throw it up. She was about house trained when she was diagnosed with parvo and since the diagnosis insistes on going outside to have diahreah/throwups. She is very lethargic but seems to be fighting the infection pretty well. I have believed sinec she was diagnosed that we could get through this and she has maintained her mood/activity level throughout. What are some good signs that we are almost through the woods? Anyone who has faced this first hand successfully please respond and let me know what i should be looking for.
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Just thought I would add this Parvo Clean Up sticky here.. it will tell you what you need to do to clean up your home/yard and anywhere else your dog may go while she is still a carrier. Parvo is VERY contagious, and you wouldn't want another dog to catch it from yours, so please read!
Hmm.. I don't know that I would try milk.. did the vet say to try milk?? I know some dogs stomachs can be upset by dairy products. Maybe it would be ok to dry some very over-cooked (soggy) rice?
Is she keeping water down? Or is she just getting that through the IV?? If she can keep water down you should really try the boiled rice.. It's very very bland, which is exactly what her tummy needs. Make sure to cook the heck outta it though so it's very water logged and mushy... it will make it easier for her to digest. Good luck! I hope this all works out for you.

Also, your vet is doing the best they can.. especially if they are trying to get you Tamiflu.. The only thing that can be done for parvo is to try and string them through it.. Tamiflu has been showing promise though in dogs that it has been used on... It works like it does on humans apparently, because Parvo is a type of Flu..
Emma passed just a few minutes ago. Pray for my wife and me she is taking it very hard.
I'm so sorry to hear this :( Parvo is such a tough thing to beat... We'll be praying for you..
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