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Pretty normal for a 10 week old pup. Mine was worse at that age. He couldn't have any blankets or bedding, just a bare crate tray, until he was around 5 months of age. Basically, he would be in there with one or two 'indestructible' chew items and that was it. He had to be draped in the crate. And if any fabric, like the crate cover, was touching the sides of the crate he'd drag it in there. I later learned if he tore apart toys he would eat them.

Sooo... yeah, yours is pretty normal! I would say it isn't a problem yet but keep in mind any practiced behavior may become habit. So 10 week old puppy chewing on bedding now might turn into ripping up bedding down the line. Or, it may not. To encourage total calm you would have to remove everything in there, except maybe a stuffed Kong or something to placate rather than engage. Every dog is different though and yours might just grow out of this and settle nicely in the crate in a few more months.

Mine is now 7 months old and settles very well in the crate now. He now has a memory foam bed in there and will settle or calmly chew on something. He gets his crazies out when he's in the pen instead.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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