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Puppy Has Fun in Her Crate Instead of Settling

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Is this a problem? My 10 week old puppy enjoys going in her crate. I've been trying to teach her to settle down in her crate when she gets too wound up. Instead, she makes her own fun in her crate. She tussles with her blanket, digs in her blanket and tries to dig on the crate pan. She doesn't do this every time but it's becoming more and more frequent. She does eventually settle but it sometimes takes an hour or so. She is a high energy dog and it's impossible to completely tire her out but we do play with her often and she loves to learn so we do a lot of training. Is this a problem?

Here are some videos:
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Pretty normal for a 10 week old pup. Mine was worse at that age. He couldn't have any blankets or bedding, just a bare crate tray, until he was around 5 months of age. Basically, he would be in there with one or two 'indestructible' chew items and that was it. He had to be draped in the crate. And if any fabric, like the crate cover, was touching the sides of the crate he'd drag it in there. I later learned if he tore apart toys he would eat them.

Sooo... yeah, yours is pretty normal! I would say it isn't a problem yet but keep in mind any practiced behavior may become habit. So 10 week old puppy chewing on bedding now might turn into ripping up bedding down the line. Or, it may not. To encourage total calm you would have to remove everything in there, except maybe a stuffed Kong or something to placate rather than engage. Every dog is different though and yours might just grow out of this and settle nicely in the crate in a few more months.

Mine is now 7 months old and settles very well in the crate now. He now has a memory foam bed in there and will settle or calmly chew on something. He gets his crazies out when he's in the pen instead.
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As Canyx said that is pretty normal. And keep in mind that it can turn into bad habbits.

Mine is now 12 weeks, I've had to remove all the blankets that I had there as they got constant abuse, and it went to the point she attacked the normal blankets on the couch too, the ones I got to cover the crate it is luckily very durable so she can't get much of it and doesn't try to play with it that much and I bought her a mattress that is very durable so it can handle the "digging".

I always have a chewtoy and chewing snack(bone, pigs ears etc) as chewing on these helps her get to a calm state and fall asleep.
Remember those teeth are itching.
And as Canyx also said a stuffed Kong is great, but I personally only wanna use that for training her to be alone.

For the part where you say she's a high energy dog, and you do play/train a lot, I would advice not to do it too much. Remember puppies can sleep 20 hours a day, and they do all their growing while they sleep.
And they can also seem like they got tons of energy even though they are so tired they should have crashed.
My puppy for example will not just fall asleep when tired, she'll get hyper and play around and get the zoomies to the point she'll have 2-3 second naps random places but still wont give up being awake, until I calm her down. When she's calm she'll fall asleep in a split second.

As I tried to say they do get overstimulated quite fast and that's what causes that, just remember it's a child, and think of how children refuse to go to bed when they are very tired and they start getting naughty, it's the same thing for dogs.
Also what you do now imprints the dog for the rest of it's life, so if it gets used to all of that play/training and potential walks, it will require the same amount as an adult to stay happy.
Remember to have lazy days.
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