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We got a dog in early feb. She's a Coton de Tulear, so she isn't supposed to have an undercoat, and is supposed to have long hair (they look kinda like Bolognese). This is true for 95% of her body, except for a small patch.

The inside of her left hind leg up her thigh has a patch of much shorter hair. It's perhaps an inch long or so, where the rest of her hair is several inches long. You can notice that the inside of her back leg looks skinny from a distance, not that the aesthetics are my concern.

When we first saw it we assumed the vet had done it to give her an injection or something before we got her. We contacted the breeder who could not tell us what was going on.

All we know is what isn't the problem.
-She's not matted
-She's not scratching / chewing
-She's not getting her hair caught in her crate.

I guess we should take her to the vet now that we know she was never shaved, but I wanted to ask in here to see if anyone knew what was up.

This isn't normal is it?
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