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Hey everyone!

My wife and I recently (two weeks ago) brought home a bernedoodle puppy named Gormley, age of about 9 weeks. I work from home, so I'm with Gormley most of the day. Gormley has been fantastic at learning! We're adopting a positive reinforcement methodology and it's been working well. She already scratches at the door when she has to go potty, sits by verbal and hand cue, and responds to her name whenever she's not super distracted by something.

We've been working on bite inhibition for the last week or so. We tether her leash to an area of open floor with nothing interesting nearby, then go to gently pet and play with her. When she bites too hard or starts tugging on clothes, we yelp or say "ouch" loud enough to startle her a bit, then back off and turn away for 30 seconds or so. Gormley has been doing great at this, too, but only with me. When my wife gets home at night, Gormley goes absolutely crazy. I usually prepare for this by keeping a tight leash on her collar, and I firmly believe that Gormley would strangle herself trying to get to my wife if I didn't intervene. We recently switched to a harness instead of a collar to prevent just such a thing, but she will not relent. When my wife interacts with her, Gormley will incessantly bite and nip at everything on her - feet, clothes, hands, ears, nose, anything and everything.

As I said, Gormley does great when it's just me and her. She's very attentive and eager to follow the rules to earn treats. But when my wife gets home, Gormley doesn't seem to be aware of anything except getting to her and biting whatever she can. She'll no longer respond to her name, won't be tempted by treats (hungry or not), and would gladly strangle herself in an effort to reach her.

My wife has been trying bite inhibition with her as well, but to avail (at least not yet). Granted, we've only had her for two weeks, but it's confusing when Gormley does so well with me, but lose all sense of reason with my wife. It's as if Gormley sees her as a toy, rather than a co-boss

Any ideas on what we could do to solve this, so that we're all happier? Any help will be appreciated, thank you!

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