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Let me start by saying I am not looking for a long-term solution, as this is not my animal; my wife and I live with my grandparents and we are moving soon (two states away). My grandparents recently got a queensland heeler mix puppy (against the advice I gave them to get an older dog) named Buck. I have some expierence in dog handling and training, but not much expierence working with puppies. I successfully taught Buck to sit before he even learned his name (he still doesn't know it). They've only had him about a week, and have no listened to any advice I've tried to give them about training him, despite admitting amongst each other that they don't know how to train a puppy. Recently, Buck has gotten into aj unfortunate habit of attacking/going after feet. I cannot walk outside without him running up on me to nibble at my feet, whilst barking and playgrowling for my attention. I've tried to establish a heirarchy wih myself above Buck, but my grandparents won't take my advice in following through with creating a heriarchy and I think Buck is starting to try to and out himself above them, and they are literally and figuratively letting him walk all over them.
When Buck first arrived, he quickly established me as his playmate, and I understand that he is most likely trying to get me to play with him, but I cannot get him to stop in his advancements. Nothing seems to work, and I will not hit a dog as hitting a dog is not a good way to train him. He's VERY receptive to food-positivey training(of course). I think he may just have too much energy without good outlet, as my grandparents cannot keep up with him, which is why I advised getting an older dog and not a puppy in the first place.
As stated before, I dont have very much expierence working with puppies, and my grandparents refuse to cooperate in learning how to train or establish a chain of command. They believe that if a dog doesn't listen, they will strike and hit them dog until it does. I, however, will not do this, and I cannot spend all day working with this dog for them as I am preparing for a move.
Any advice?
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