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Hello, i'm a newb here !
Nice to meet you all.

Our Jelly, 5months old Malti-poo is very friendy, loving, timid and careful.
He gets scared very easily, but he never gets angry.
he never barks or growls.. he just whines.

But today, my little brother's piano teacher came into our house , and Jelly was at the kitchen so he saw her just when she was in the living room.
and he started growling in a very, VERY angry way
and then went on a crazy barking spree.....

The piano teacher loves dogs, owns one, and she wasn't doing anything.

this situation startled me alot, because i've never even seen him growling/barking
He was so angry and out of his mind, he peed all over the floor.

What i don't get is, he doesn't bark to strangers outside, or even people in our house - if he's met them before.
He doesn't bark to pizza man, or noises outside... nothing.

But this time... i'm just confused, i guess.

Is this a normal behaviour, or is there an issue with out little Jelly?
or can there be just a group of 'wrong' people that dogs just don't like??
(i doubt this one, because our last dog loved the piano teacher..)

Thank you!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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