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Puppy Forum Virgin!

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This is my very first time on a puppy (or dog) forum. I have 7 animals total. I have two 3-year-old Pekinese/Chihuahuas (same litter) that I rescued due to a tragic family event (the owner, an 11-year-old girl was killed in a car rollover accident and her parents are overwhelmed at keeping the dogs); a 1 year old Deer head Chihuahua that I rescued in September 2011, two 6-month-old chiweenies rescued in October 2011; 2 cats we adopted, first one was 9 years ago, and the other was 6 years ago. We have a house full of love. None of our animals show any signs of abuse, but our Deer Head Chi shows signs of fear at certain things, but we work at it. The oldest 3 dogs go to the dog park 3x/week (the babies get their last shots this morning and still need to get spayed before we take them).

My biggest reason for joining this forum today is because of my chiweenies. I've heard many times that they love to shred tissue paper because its fun! Okay, its ridiculous now. They also chew paper, and they obviously don't care what it is, important or not. My biggest issue with the shredding is that they are actually swallowing the tissue and I'm concerned about blockages. We keep the bathroom doors closed, but they always seem to find tissue or paper somewhere. The sneaky little things pull the tissues right out of the boxes (dad gets a scolding for leaving it accessible). How do I stop this behavior? I'm on them like hawks but they still manage to find stuff to shred and eat. Suggestions welcome.

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I think I would just remove the tissues by putting them in a drawer for now. They are young and will probably outgrow it if you hide the temptation. I would worry much more about obstruction with the tissues than reg. paper. You need to divert their need to chew by correcting and offering what they CAN chew instead.

Bully sticks, antlers, squeekys, among other things should be great. They might still be teething. A frozen damp rag, or ice is popular too.

I really think you just need to hide all that you can and divert the behavior with chewable items. I bet they will soon find another way to entertain themselves.

Good luck
Hi, thanks for the quick reply. As for the tissue diversion, believe me, I'm constantly giving them chew-approved toys and rawhide sticks, etc., but they lose interest and go looking for the tissue and paper. I don't even know where they find it most of the time. I'm really concerned about their progression to paper because they'll pick up anything like bills, receipts, coupons, etc. I'm trying really hard to make sure that papers are out of reach but they're quick and sneaky. I guess i'll have to try harder. Could swallowing the paper harm them?

Thanks, in advance.
I believe its easily digested as they have alot more digestive enzymes than humans. Even bones are no problems as im sure you've heard many people are feeding raw diets. Only raw however, not cooked bones.

The only thing to me would be the quantity of paper. Are you sure they're ingesting and not just ripping it?. I would worry if they scarf down giant wads, but not little pieces and strips. Many kennels, vet hospitals and petstores use newspapers without problems.

I worked in a vet hosp and boarding kennel for 25 yrs and often came into shredded paper in the mornings. Not once had an obstruction occurred from the paper. The tissues wad up more and that would make me nervous because of a choking hazzard.

I cant say definitively that an obstruction cant occur but in my experience the paper shouldnt harm them.

I have a landshark pup right now too and he has gotten tissues, toilet paper and paper, he's fine, but a much larger breed. Maybe pick up some of those vinyl folders that close with the little strings or something.

No one cleans your home faster than a puppy ..huh. :)
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You're not kidding. lol. I find myself picking up every possible piece of paper, tissue and even fabric softener sheets aol the time. Even though it's funny to watch my two puppies play tug-o-war with the fabric sheets, it can't be safe to eat them. I'm constantly giving all my dogs appropriate things to chew but I guess those aren't so fun. It's like raising babies all over again!
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