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I have a 6 mo old make Pomeranian who will not stop eating everything he can get in his mouth. He has been taken to emergency vet 4 times and I have induced vomiting here at home 3 times. Before you say I am not watching him this is not true. I have also gone around the house dogproofing things as well. He goes out in the back yard on a long leash but still manages to grab something and swallow before I can grab it out! I have had to install locks on the pantry doors as he opens them and gets stuff out to eat. He is played with all day he has millions of toys and I’m retired so he isn’t eating stuff out of neglect. Any suggestions. Im
Thinking of getting a muzzle for jim
But that seems cruel. He will not drop these things on command either. He is extremely willful and a light tap on his rear to make him stop meets with him
Buying my feet in anger.
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