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Hellooooo, I am getting a 8week old pug mix puppy and got the Merrick puppy food for it I was wondering if this was a good brand of dog food and if it isn't which one you would recommend me to get!!!
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It's usually a good idea to keep a puppy on whatever the breeder is feeding for several weeks to a month after you get them, even if you wouldn't normally feed that food.

Merrick is okay, if somewhat overpriced. My dogs did okay on it whenever I fed it (although my cats didn't particularly care for it).
I'm not familiar with Merrick, but I'm with LeoRose in that I believe the best thing to do is start your puppy on the food it's been eating in the litter for at least a couple of weeks. Ask specifically what the puppy has been getting and how it's been prepared - just dry kibble? soaked in water? in milk? in a puppy formula? Some breeders mix a little canned with soaked kibble. (If regular cow's milk is being mixed in, I'd stop that within a day or two. It's not the best thing for puppies.) A puppy going to a new home has enough adjusting to do without starting a new food that may upset it's stomach or guts. After that initial period, if you want to change, do it gradually.
yeah I am planning on getting what the breeder gives but I just wanted to know what brand to feed my dog but no one seems to be giving actual recommendations? I would really like to know what brand of food.
Well, the best food is one your dog does well on, likes to eat, and that you can afford to feed. That covers a lot of territory.

If you are looking for a specific recommendation, I like Pro Plan. I've fed just about everything from grocery store brands to "super-premium" foods over the years, and keep coming back to Pro Plan because that's what meets my criteria of they do well on it, like to eat it, and I can afford it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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