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I thought my dog was an idiot when we got him at 8 wks because he wasn't interested in balls. I thought ALL dogs loved to play with balls and fetch! I'd never met one who didn't. I think he started fetching about 3 wks ago. In the meantime, I bought a bunch of different types of toys for him - different balls (mini tennis, rubber), rubber toys, soft toys, rope toys, toys with squeakers, and now we have a better idea of what he likes (soft toys with squeakers) and what will keep him entertained. We also got him rawhide sticks a few weeks ago and one of those will keep him busy for about an hour, so we save them for when he's got the crazies in the evening. Sometimes he'll take a kong with PB/kibbles frozen, though we try to save that for car ride treats. Just try different stuff 'til you figure out what he likes. He may also just not be a very independent dog, or might be so new that he isn't comfortable doing things on his own yet.
I think he only needs a little more time to adjust with the new toys. :)
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