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Yep my giant schnauzer girl does that too-- its better now that she is almost 3 but I think the main thing was walking her 3 times a week at the beach or lake-- I did not realize how much Schnauzers LOVE water-- she does not swim or retrieve just splashes about and LIES down in it ( I have a Xmas photo of her chest deep in the Ocean she just loves it)-- I have her water bowl on a $7 Uhaul moving blanket-- they are thick and absorbant and expendable-- just great for all around dog use-- that and dont overfill her dog bowl-- just give her a couple of inches of water a few times a day and make sure she has water play outlets-- even leaving a kiddie wading pool out for her to play in in the yard will help....
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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