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Puppy Diarrhea

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I have a 5 month old large breed puppy. Got him at 8 weeks. No issues. Got his vaccination...no issues. Went for follow up vaccination and dr recommended Leptospirosis vaccine. Since he was sniffing everything (at the time) while on walks, I decided it might be a good idea. 2 1/2 hours after vaccine and Leptospirosis shot he started having very bad diarrhea...to the point he couldn't even make it outside. Once diarrhea started I paid even closer attention to him on walks and made sure he did not pick anything up. Gave him plain white rice he got better. Then added kibble slowly to rice and back to diarrhea again. Switched his food to better quality. He has even put on healthy weight. Growing nicely. Diarrhea still present though. He is eating fine. Drinking fine. Absolutely no lethargy. No blood. No vomiting. Always walked on a leash so I keep a very close eye on him. Called vet and they tested stool. No parasites. "Happy and healthy puppy". They ended up giving him meds metro...which helped with the diarrhea. As soon as pills were done, back to overnight diarrhea again. He does not get into garbage. Not picking anything up outside. No milkbones. No rawhide. His food is quality brand. Absolutely no human food. Has anyone had this happen? I see lots of stories here that are similar but noone posts how it turned out or what was the problem. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!
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Yes. Years ago I had a dog that developed a chronic issue and it was the food. She actually stopped eating the food and it was VERY high end. I actually thought it was exocrine pancreatic insufficiency but the symptoms did not quite add up. He suggested I switch to an all life stages food of lower quality (not grain free but rice based) and that fixed everything.

I also bought a puppy in KY that came home and had Giardia. The big issue there is re-infection and cleanliness as well as treatment. Another thing to consider is coccidiosis. BOTH can return a negative stool sample as the parasite creating the issue does not always shed evidence of its presence (especially true of Coccidiosis).

The treatment for giardia is different than the treatment for coccidiosis and both are relatively mild to the dog and inexpensive. You might want to ask your vet to treat for each starting with giardia. If the dog responds to the treatment then you probably have the answer. I have learned over years of having livestock and pets that sometimes you jump to a treatment (with your Vet's blessing) and then see if it works, especially when diagnosis can be variable....
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