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A couple of weeks ago, we were going to need to get a new bag of the Echo's food. We've been on this food for skin problems that it has cleared up (allergies). We've only been on this food for about a month. We get it (Nature's Recipe Lamb Meal Puppy formula) from a store that is roughly 50 miles from my house. I wanted to get one of the large bags of it to save money, and to lesson our trips to to the far-off store. Unfortunately, they only had small bags of the Lamb meal Puppy recipe. The only large bag of puppy food they had was the Large Bread Puppy food (which is made with Chicken meal). We got that, since the only real difference seemed to be chicken meal as opposed to lamb meal.

We got the food home, and she ate it immediately. She seemed to love it. Then, the next day she would hardly eat at all. For two days or so, she would only eat a very little bit. I noticed her stool was very runny for a bit. I figured her system was just getting used to the new food and decided to stick with the food to see if she'd get used to it.

So, her appitite eventually turned back to normal. Her stool hardened back up. About a week went by with her gradually eating more, and yesterday, she ate her full portions of food as quickly as I sat them out.

[IN THE MEANTIME, we got our yard sprayed for insects a couple of days ago. Although the guy who sprayed our yard told us that we could let Echo back out on the lawn by 10:00 that night, we decided to wait a few days to let her out on it.

The problem was when it came to pooping, she would not do it anywhere but the back yard. So, the day after it was sprayed (many hours after it was deemed "safe" for her), I decided to let her go out supervised, do her business. As soon as I opened the gate, she made a V-line for the back of the fence as fast as she could. I saw her pick something up in her mouth (roughly golf ball-sized). I ran after her to try to retrieve it, and as soon as I took off after her, she swallowed it. Could it have been a mole/mouse killed from the poison? That was is my main concern. She seemed fine through the night].

This morning, runny stools. She seems fine now... it was just a little bit of diarrhea this morning. Normal in color, not completely watery; just very soft. So the big question is: Could the diarrhea be caused by the food that seems to continually irritate her stomach, or from some poisoned thing that she may have consumed? Yes, I regret not taking her out on a leash.

I've decided I'm likely going to go ahead and buy her a different food today. I'm going to watch her closely, and check to see that the vet's office is open on the weekends, and make her an appointment on Monday regardless.

Any advice for what else I should do here?
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