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Puppy crazies

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My 12 week old maltipoo puppy sometimes gets so hyper (especially at night) and will lead to inappropriate behaviors such as biting me/my clothes, jumping, and he will dig on the couch? I've googled tips on what to do with a biting puppy because I do not want him to be aggressive or act on dominant behavior. I've read to distract him with a toy, yelp in pain and go limp, or walk away and it doesn't seem to be working when he gets in the zone. I play with him plenty and take him on many walks. He does eventually wear himself out and crashes, but is there anything else I can do to teach him that biting and acting this way is wrong?

Also, is digging on the couch a normal behavior? To be more specific, he will dig and shove his face in the crevice of the cushions during his puppy crazies. How do I stop this behavior?
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You said it yourself - this behavior is followed by a crash. He's overtired, but he's too much of a baby to listen to his own body make the decision to lay down and sleep. When this behavior starts up at night, you can put him to bed (crate, playpen, whatever, in a quiet dim comfortable place) and he should zonk right out.
I go through the same thing every night with my 12 week old Brittany puppy. My trainer has said that if he is not calming down after playing, to put him in his playpen for some down time. I tried that for the first time tonight after playing with him and it seemed to work until he had to go outside. We’re in the middle of a heat wave and he’s drinking a lot of water, so there’s a lot of peeing happening. I think the key with anything when training a puppy is consistent messaging and actions on our part which is easier said than done in some cases. Especially when we’re at our wits end in the evening and would like to relax.
I’ve tried playing relaxing music and trying to remain calm myself, but that hasn‘t always worked either. When my pup finally lays down and relaxes, I breathe a sigh of relief and then do it all over again the next day. I’m told that they eventually calm down a bit at night so I’m counting the days until that happens. Until that point, it’s one day at a time for me.

So it’s a few minutes later and I tried giving him a time out in his playpen again and this time he relaxed enough to come out and lay right down on the sofa next to me. So maybe the time out (with a chew toy) works. I guess I’ll know for sure tomorrow when I try it again. 🙂
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