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Puppy Crate Training

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Hi there. I really need help at this point. I have a 10 week old Dutch Shepherd Puppy which loves his crate throughout the day and night, as long as doors are open. If I close the doors he start's barking, whining and crying, and God forbid if I leave the room and leave him alone in his crate he want's to rip the crate apart, and from what I"ve seen so far it's a possibility. Does anyone have any advice since he's gonna be alone in a room for a couple of hours a day. Thanks in advance.
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congratulations beautifu breed !!!!! Do you have a (at a distant reward system) established. It would be helpful if you did like a, word reward or clicker. do you have a stay and release behavior established? (Both sight and out of sight) If the door is such a trigger for negative learning, Dutch shepherds are so working smart you don't need the door of the crate to teach the behaviors first.

I would start with what I need the pup to learn first, use an open crate, is any dog especially a smart working dog capable of staying inside a crate with the door open until released "yes"
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