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Puppy chews up towels in crate. HELP

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I have a 4 month old schnoodle. He will chew on anything and everything. I usually line his crate with a towel. Well I was gone for 3 hours today- he had unraveled 2 corners of the towel and had this long string kind of wrapped around his mouth and stuck in a tooth. Scared me. He does ok at night and doesn?t mess much with it. I hate to put him in a bare crate but that?s all I can think of. Don?t suggest a Kong with anything in it- I wouldn?t trust him with that either. He plays with Kong?s but supervised. Soft toys never. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thsnks
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No dog has ever been harmed by spending time in a bare crate. Lot's of dogs have been seriously harmed by ingesting fabric.

My own Esther, who is a mellow old girl now, had to sleep in a bare crate for a time when she would shred absolutely anything and everything.
Thanks. I think that is my only option right now. Lol. Little stinker. I just wanted him to be comfy!!!
Yup, bare crate. When he gets older and you want to try to give him some bedding again, use fleece blankets instead because they don't tear into strings like towels, so its a little safer. I mean, you don't want him eating those, either, but they're less likely to cause problems.
I did bare crate for the first few months. I tried to sneak in some fabric and he would inevitably start eating it.
My GSD either chewed bedding or peed on it, and sometimes both I've just finally put a bed in her crate. She is nearly six years old. We'll see how it goes...
Mine chews everything and she's over a year old now, bare crate for sure!!
guess i am lucky my beagle boy just likes paper and he is pretty much over it now at 18 months
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