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Puppy canine tooth - root remain?

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Our 20 week old springer lost his first top canine tooth a few days ago.

after a vet visit they were concerned part of the tooth is still remaining ( pic below of gum and said tooth ). Does this look like part of the tooth is still in the gum, or is this the new tooth coming through?



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They have asked for pictures to be sent over of the tooth.

He has had some issues with dental as bottom canines slightly lingually displaced. Originally booked in for extraction but on the burner due to ear and viral infection! (How typical)

Vet booked a follow up in ten days for both ears and to “check on tooth”. Seems like a long time to wait if this is part of the root still intact…
Yeah- I thought as much. He was quite poorly early days of the viral, a lot better now but still suffering from the ears so that makes sense.

Will keep an eye on habits and gum in the mean time, hopefully big tooth makes an appearance shortly! Thank you
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** Update.
So, it was most definitely a root fragment! As the big tooth is growing it was pushing the fragment out and today it has fallen out completely :)
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