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My wife and I are just about at the point of adding a puppy to our family. First, of course, we need to be out of the condo we are living in and into a new home with a large yard, but these are things we are starting to consider. I have always had a dog growing up and I miss having one. That said, I am seeking a dog that is friendly but does not necessarily look friendly. What I mean is that I want a good watch dog but not one prone to attacks or aggressiveness. One who looks meaner than he or she is I guess. I also need one who is good with children and relatively easy to train. A few I have looked at are an Australian SHepherd (I know they do not look mean at all, but I used to have one), a Canaan Dog, Samoyed, and (and this is a dark horse candidate) a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. I love German Shepherd, but one tried to maul my mother one time so I would never get her to come to visit if I had one.

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