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Puppy Breed Suggestions Please

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My wife and I are just about at the point of adding a puppy to our family. First, of course, we need to be out of the condo we are living in and into a new home with a large yard, but these are things we are starting to consider. I have always had a dog growing up and I miss having one. That said, I am seeking a dog that is friendly but does not necessarily look friendly. What I mean is that I want a good watch dog but not one prone to attacks or aggressiveness. One who looks meaner than he or she is I guess. I also need one who is good with children and relatively easy to train. A few I have looked at are an Australian SHepherd (I know they do not look mean at all, but I used to have one), a Canaan Dog, Samoyed, and (and this is a dark horse candidate) a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. I love German Shepherd, but one tried to maul my mother one time so I would never get her to come to visit if I had one.

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Like Nil said, you must first consider how much time and energy you have to devote to a puppy. All dogs are going to require regular exercise -not just a romp in the yard-, training, companionship, etc, but some more than others.
You also have to consider that most dogs with an intimidating appearance won't be covered by most insurance companies. Some places won't allow you if you have those sorts of dogs. They don't care about the dog as an individual, just the way it looks.

check out some shelters/rescues. You'll probably be able to find just what you're looking for.
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