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You have the perfect puppy based on the behavior and temperament that you described. Your husband and family are helping you. You have a pet sitter coming to the house 2-3 times per week to help with the puppy. To summarize what you wrote, you sound like someone who has a lot of support when it comes to caring for the puppy if I’m reading your post correctly.

I find it highly unusual to lose 9 lbs in 2 weeks and cry uncontrollably just because you have a new puppy at home, which makes me wonder if that’s the only thing going on in your life right now. I don’t expect an answer, but maybe that’s something you can answer for yourself.

As for bonding with your puppy, I usually bond once I develop a routine with the puppy and we start to speak the same language, meaning the puppy knows what I want and I know what the puppy wants. It can take some time, even though I had one dog I bonded with within minutes of meeting him.

What is different in your life now that you have the puppy that upsets you so much?
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