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Puppy bleeding during teething

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Sadie never had bloody teeth when she got her adult teeth, but Hadley keeps chewing on things and then there is blood on them. Is that normal for teething?

I'm giving her the kong, a bully stick and a puppy nutrident to chew on.
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I'm fairly sure it's about as normal as when a human child looses his teeth and the gums bleed. I know Misty always bled a bit when she lost one of her teeth.

Is it when teeth fall out or are loose?
It's normal
I can't tell, she's so wiggly I can't see the teeth!! :) I haven't found any teeth but I never found any of Sadie's teeth. She's just over 12 weeks.

It's not bleeding badly, just when she chews on stuff it leaves blood. It's not just pouring out.

Thanks, I figured it wasn't that big a deal but since Sadie didn't have any trouble I was a little worried.
It's mostly nothing. My puppy is losing her teeth, and my other dog has spots of blood on his face because of her. :p
Ah yes... you don't know how many of my socks are filled with pink specs:rolleyes:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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