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Puppy biting

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Hi I am first time dog owner, I have a 16 week labradoodle, who is with me for the past month. He has started biting when we reach out for him, this does not happen at all times only when he is super excited or when I want to wipe his paws and brush him. WhT should I do, his little teeth hurt.
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Puppy biting is completely normal. He likely thinks you are trying to play. When I have to do some grooming work on my dog, I smear peanut butter on an easily cleaned surface (like the fridge, the bathtub, something of that nature) and do what needs to be done. It teaches them that being handled is generally a good thing, and keeps them occupied so they aren't chewing on you.

At first, I would suggest keeping sessions short and sweet, though. Puppies have short attention spans, even when treats are involved...
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