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I am new to this site, hopefully someone out there has some good advice! Our 9 month old Jack Russell Terrier has been biting, lunging, "talking back", and barking when told no or discouraged in any manner from doing whatever it is we would like him to stop. He doesn't bit hard but it is threatening enough. We have tried saying "ouch", No biting, ignoring him, scolding him, even restraining him when he gets real wild :s He has full fledged temper tantrums when he is not getting the attention he wants. I am a homemaker who is home with him most hours of the day. We have LOTS of plays, walks, swims, etc. So I Don't believe It's a lack of activity. If I am on the phone he barks and whines and tries to knock it out of my hand. He also whines and scratches at us when my husband and I are talking most times. I'm wondering if anyone has had this behavior with their puppy and how you handled it? Is this maybe just a terrible teenager phase that will pass? Any advice or personal experiences shared would be much appreciated :) Thank you.
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