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I need help lol. I do not want a barker again.
We have an 8 week old male chocolate lab. We've had him 1.5 weeks. He is being kennel trained and is doing fantastic. Minimal whining when covered, sleeps 11pm to 530 am no accidents. When he is loose, he will go in his kennel for a sleep on his own.
Here is our issue. I try to let him loose for short periods through out the day. I work from home but he needs to be gated in the kitchen away from us due to the nature of my work. He stands up on the gate and barks and barks and barks. I do know that i can just kennel him during the day but i need to teach him that at times he needs to be gated off. He can see us. Outside is our other problem. He is taken out regularly and if genie cooperative and goes potty right away we are good. Other times he's more interested in roaming and chewing random things. I understand he wants more leisure time outside but again, due to the nature of my job I cannot be outside with him for 20+ minutes. He cannot be left out alone yet as he finds things to eat and is still too small and will fit through the fence. We have an outdoor pen and again, if left out there he barks and barks and barks. Having our other dog in the yard and even in the pen doesn't appease him.
How do I go about curbing the barking?

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He is a BABY. He isn't going to be reliably potty trained or get the idea of potty training for a good while yet.

When you gate him off, give him something to work on. A puppy that age can have a raw meaty bone or a Kong stuffed with Low Fat plain yogurt and frozen over night (I also stuff them with raw dog food and freeze them or yogurt and dog kibble mixed etc.). You can look at getting a "Buster Cube" if you feed kibble. Put his kibble in that instead of a bowl and have him figure out how to get the kibble out to eat his meals (meals do NOT have to be delivered in a bowl!).

It makes a bit of a mess but another thing you can give him is medium to large size card board box and let him tear that apart. My youngest dog used to love to destroy empty egg cartons!

He barks because he wants to be with you and be entertained. Make being gated off a good place with the things listed above.

You are going to have to take him out about every 2 hours (or more often) as it is at this age anyway, so those items can help to keep him busy.
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