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My wife and I have a fairly large apartment. We recently got a Rottweiler puppy. Most of the training is going great except a few things (only 4 days in). One of those things is crate training.
Our situation.
My wife works from home. Her office is the room next to our bedroom. The bedroom has her crate. We have a playpen in the office and a playpen in our room. We want her to sleep in our room (in the crate) but she hates being alone. She can’t be alone in the crate yet. She will have a panic attack so she’s getting used to sleeping in the office during the day and on the floor in front of the crate at night. I also sleep on the floor with her so I can put her in her crate a few times a night. Which she stays in for awhile but with the door open.

I hope that explains our situation. My questions are. Should we combine the 2 rooms for her to have roam of both during the day or keep doing what we’re doing. Also. Should I be sleeping on the floor with her still (day 4) or just let her stay there alone and make the playpen smaller and closer to her crate.

We can’t just let her freak out until she falls asleep ours neighbours will be upset.
Any tips would be extremely appreciated. Thanks.
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