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Puppy anxiety

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My puppy, Hennessy, is 7m/o and is pretty well trained and normal as far a puppies go.

Today we were on our way to go for a walk and randomly she had like a panic attack. It was just her and I and she climbs her way from the back of the car to me and starts freaking out on my lap and tried to hide under my feet. Thankfully I was in a residential area and was able to pull over quickly as it could’ve been worse. (Plan on getting a dog seat belt after this). I couldn’t get her to calm down much and if I tried to pull her off of me, she would dig her nails into me. 5-10 minutes later I was able to drive and she was still pretty freaked out when we got out of the car - tail between her legs, looking around frantically.

Has anyone else experienced something like this? Is there a way an effective way to calm them down? Also, any ideas as to what could have caused it?

She slept a lot once we got home, but was still being kind of weird anxious throughout the evening. When we were going to bed, my roommate realized that she peed on his bed and it seemed like there was a pee trail in to or out of the room from the bed. She knows to go to the door and is potty trained very well so I don’t know if this was caused by the same anxiety?

Any thoughts?
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