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Puppy and long driveway question

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Hi, we have a 4 month old puppy. We have a long driveway and naturally we don't want her to go down
the driveway if she gets loose. Is it a bad idea to walk her down the driveway on a leash to get the mail?

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No, not a bad idea. Just one caveat. I assume you don't care about the length of the driveway, but are more concerned with the pup exiting the property into the street.

You need to begin Boundary training.

Another point to consider. Is the dog microchipped? If not, I suggest to use the 134.2 kHz unit. Also a collar with tag.
Thanks for the info! I did get her a tag... Which she promptly managed to pull off. Now it's back on with one of those S clips or whatever you call them instead of the lousy ring it came with.
Microchip if not chipped already. Then a flat tag on the collar like a Boomerang tag or RoadID dog tag. Won't get caught on anything that the collar itself wouldn't get caught on. Take a permanent marker and write your phone number on the collar itself if nylon or cotton (leather, not so much)

Walking on a leash on the driveway is good but isn't teaching her what you want if not on a leash. I suggest working heavily on recall training both inside a fenced area if available (on a longline) and open area on a long line. Reward recall with top of the line treats. Whatever dog favors but air dried meat, cheese, bits of hot dog, and peanut butter tend to be popular overall.
We have a long drive too and a busy road at the end, all my dogs excluding our puppy mill mama, can actually be outside unattended and stay in their area even without a fence (I don't do that but it's happened before when they escaped) I do have them with me when doing chores outside often. When I take them for long walks we have to go down the driveway and across the road. One thing that always worked for us was to pick a marker we didn't want the dog to pass (ours is a tree halfway to the road) one person holds the puppy and then I scold the heck out of the tree, not the dog, expressing my disgust and hatred for the bad tree. I make the tree a horrible place for me to be and my dogs learned to hate it too, lol. I also praised the pup when he avoided the tree or looked at it and turned away. My dogs are trained well when it comes to leash work. They go anywhere if lead so they don't pass the tree on their own but with a leash they understand I'm leading them and trust that it's ok to pass if the leash is on and I tell them to.
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FoxManor…..Interesting approach. Just need to find the key to allow the dog to learn and execute the desired response.
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