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Puppies only play with each other and not with me - they don't know how to use toys

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So 3 days ago I got 2 boys - White Swiss Shepherd.

They are from the same family - brothers.
When me and my wife train them - we separate them to teach them.

Do we need to play with them separately too? They cannot play with us - whenever one starts to play another puppy comes and they start play fighting. It is almost impossible to stop them. Also, if one takes a toy - other drops everything and they start play fighting again or just running after each other.

Important note - I don't need this for myself :) I want to teach them to play toys, that it's fun to bite some other things, not just your brother. Also, so later we could play on the outside.


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Separate them and work with them separately. Any breeder worth his salt would not sell you litter mates to begin with because the dogs will bond to each other an not to you.

As said above, you got two puppies and 5 times the work. To have them bond with you they cannot be together at all.

Separate them and take on the work or rehome one if you cannot take the significant amount of time this will take.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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