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It's finally arrived !!! You have waited for weeks for this day. Your children are ecstatic.
It's the day that you are finally able to take home your brand new pet that you purchased weeks earlier. Depending on the breed, in a lot of cases you have spent well over $1000. You go to the pet supply store to purchase the food that the breeder recommended. You even purchase toys and maybe a collar that it will grow out of in only a few weeks. When your new puppy has grown enough to do so, you take it to the Veterinarian in order to get it's first shots to protect it from canine diseases. You have spared no expense, in order to protect not only your financial investment but the life of this puppy that your children and you yourself have fallen in love with. Now, you've covered all the bases, you've done everything possible to protect your new puppy. Right? Now you can't wait until you can take it outside for the first time. But there's one thing you haven't protected against and that's fleas and ticks. According to the bottle, the puppy has to be a certain weight in order to use Frontline, Advantix, or any other preventative. Folks it is that way for a reason, THAT STUFF IS POISON, and everyone of them is filtered through you dog's liver.
A month ago I got an email and the subject line read, " I killed my best friend yesterday".
Inside the email it went on to say that he had a 9 week old puppy. He noticed that the puppy had begun to scratch vigorously. After inspecting he saw that it was covered in fleas. After not wanting to see it miserable he went to the store to see what he could buy to rid the puppy of the fleas. He learned there was not anything that recommended use on puppies. He then decided to use a spot treatment product and use it sparingly just on the area that the puppy was scratching. Folks within 6 hours the puppy was dead and he went on to tell me how horrible the death was and how it has struggled to breathe and there was nothing the Vet could do to fix it.

Folks I am not saying that these products will kill your pets. Many pets aren't phased by them however thousands die every year and many more suffer from their hair burned off their body, seizures or paralysis.

Why not be safe and give Pet Protector a shot. It is much less expensive than Frontline, Advantix or any of those but most of all it is 100% safe and 95% effective. There is no product made that is 100% effective. Pet Protector has been researched by 2 independent research laboratories so these are not false statements that I am making and the product has a 30 day guarantee. My phone number and email address is always at the bottom of any ad I put here so I don't hide from my customers. In fact I am almost addicted to the success stories that I hear back from my customers. Please feel free to contact me anytime. Thank you and for more info please click:

Rob Edwards
[email protected]
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