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We have luckily had no real issues with introducing the cat to the new puppy - but largely because she has no problems smacking him down if he annoys her!

That said, we have found some things to be helpful...

- Try to make sure that they are together when the puppy is calm. If you know that he is really energetic and hyped-up, actively calm him down, even crate if necessary, until he is calmer. You should be teaching that cats = calm time. Do NOT remove the cats, focus on keeping him calmer around them.
- Give lots of praise for when they are together nicely - to the cats as well!!
- Discourage ANY chasing games in the house. No chasing balls, rolling toys, etc. Focus on tug games, finding games, training games, etc. You can still play chasing games outside, but you want to teach that chasing and running in the house is not acceptable.
- Discourage any other fixation or chasing of animals outside the house (except other dogs in the park). This means corrections if he starts to perk up and move toward birds, squirrels...any smaller animals.
- When you are playing in the house, try to play away from the cats. When you are near the cats, its time for pets, grooming, and relaxing. Again, you are trying to teach that people = playtime, cats = calm time

Good luck!
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