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Puppies and camping

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Hi there! I'm new here so I apologize if I'm not posting in the correct spot. I'm adopting a Pomchi (Pomeranian/ chihuahua) puppy next month on the 15th of August. The timing isn't perfect as I have a non-refundable annual family camping trip booked for the 21st of August to the 26th, which unfortunately had to be booked months in advance otherwise I would have planned it better. Puppy will be 8.5 weeks by then, with his first set of shots. I've been hearing mixed opinions about whether or not I can safely bring him with me. It's not an option for him to stay with the breeder longer, nor is it an option for him to stay home with family. I was planning on sanitizing my tent before going (which is a large 8-10 person one with plenty of room to play), packing a play pen, plus a large tarp that I could lay outside for him with blankets and chew toys. I'd be with him and he'd be on leash while playing on the tarp so he doesn't run off.. What does everybody think? Is this possible to safely do as long as he doesn't come into contact with the ground? Or am I being completely unrealistic? This camping trip is all about relaxation so I'll have more than enough time for him. For personal reasons it's really important to me to be able to go, but obviously so is my puppy's health. I'm hoping to be able to make this work, but if not I'll of course put my puppy's well being first.
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Risk depends a lot on how common parvo (main risk) is as it lives a long time in the environment if a contigious dog has pooped so it doesnt mean you are safe just by avoiding direct dog contact. It is highly location specific so if camping is not in your area, calling local to the campground vets would help. Wild canines can transmit parvo also as far as I know

Personally, I would not want a basically unvaccinated (first vaccine rarely takes due to maternal antibodies) in a busy area because its hard to keep up the no ground contact thing and depending on risk in the area, just tracking parvo on your shoes can be an issue.

Other places have really low risk and your precautions may be enough, although camping with a 2 month old puppy is about the last thing I'd call relaxing!

I'd be kind of dubious about a Pomchi breeder selling pups under 8 weeks and not even able to keep pup for an extra week or two for health reasons.
I agree with Shell...you have to look into parvo risk in your area. It would be different if it was a trip to a friends lake place or something, but a campground is probably full of unknown dogs who may or may not be vaccinated. If it's in a place with low risk of parvo...you would probably be fine with those precautions. You can even put an ex pen on top of the tarp so then you don't have to be quiet so vigilant. But if you're in the red zone....I wouldn't be very confident.
I wouldn't do it... Honestly, I would be wary of a breeder who won't keep a puppy an extra 2 weeks too. I would look into Rover or some service like that to have someone puppy sit at your house instead.
Thanks for the replies! I'm going to make some calls on Monday and see how common Parvo is in the area.
The breeder is traveling here with the pup from a ways away hence why she is unable to keep him longer.
While not as critical of issue as parvo, depending on location and climate you will also need to consider fleas and ticks especially in the woods. Plan for using an age appropriate tick/flea medicine. Keeping cool (I am assuming you are in somewhere that it is summer now) is also important as young puppies cannot regulate their body temperatures as well as healthy adult dogs and as dogs cannot sweat, they are already in a more difficult place than people in terms of dealing with heat.

Is the breeder flying to you with the puppy?
On Vancouver Island so yes it is summer. By the end of August it isn't usually too hot but if I do take him I will definitely be mindful of temperature regulation and keeping him cool!
She didn't specify but I believe she is yes. It's about a day's drive if not. She has other obligations here as well that's why she isn't able to come any other time.
Given you have no choice but to take the dog and, inside the tent all day will be too hot for him, you will need a tarp, puppy playpen, dog crate with a bed for him in it, puppy pads a few toys, food and water bowls for the puppy. Use the tarp to keep the puppy off the ground, you have no idea what dogs have been there and, Parvo can live in the soil for up to 10 years.

The puppy should be on the tarp, in the puppy playpen, in the shade with water or in your tent at all times. If you leave the campground, crate the puppy and take him with you. If it's too hot, dampen his fur but son't get him soaking wet or, go for a car ride with air conditioning for an hour to help the puppy cool off.
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