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Hi We have a 4month old shih tzu puppie, when we first got him he wouldnt sleep at night and cried / barked right through we put this down to being in a new environment. then after around 2 weeks of this he settled and sleeped all of the way through until around 5am this lasted around 5 weeks

all of a sudden this week (6days straight) he has not settled at all and cried / barked all of the way through the night, we have not changed his routine or sleeping place we have been consistant in every way.

is there something that could be wrong with him that we may have not spotted such as feeling un well? he seems to be ok during the daytime playing as normal eating & drinking as normal we just cant put our finger on why the change? we feel as if we are right back to the begining again?

any help would be greatly appreciated.
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