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I never heard of Puppia until I ran into a lady walking her dog with one. It looks really comfortable for the dog and she can't stop bragging about how great it is. So I went online and read whatever I can find about this brand Puppia and their harnesses. All of the reviews were good and the product was highly recommended.

So I went to a local pet shop and found that they carry only the Step-In Puppia harness. These were made out of mesh fabric and seems really comfortable on the dogs. So I end up with a Camo one, since it was the only boyish one that fits my dog. I have a Chocolate Cockapoo named Hershey.

The Step-in harness is a well made product. You have the buckle for the neck and a velcro for the chest. Less of a hassle to put on compare to the one below.


After using the step-in one, I noticed that Puppia have newer models that came out. Luckily for me, another local pet shop carry them and it was much cheaper than any online retailers. I initially tried the 2009 Safety Harness in large, but it is way too big for a Cockapoo. If anyone ever told you that this harness runs small, do not believe them. We then try the medium for both the Safety and Rite-Fit Harness. The Rite-Fit one medium did not fit too well as the chest strap was too big and was not adjustable. The Safety harness was great but we had to tighten the chest and neck to the max in order to fit Hershey nicely. It looks great and fit perfectly at the store, so I bought it.


Out for a walk with the Safety Harness, I noticed there was a design fault with this harness. The area where all buckles attached to the center piece, there are 4 flaps to go under the buckles straps. These flaps are very loose and I wished that Puppia had sewed the flaps to part of the straps so that they are not flapping. During the walk, the flaps got so loose that it forms wings on Hershey sides.


With both Step-In and Safety Harness, I would highly recommend you to stick to the step-in model. It will save you so much time putting it on and taking it off. But for me, I am not giving up on the Safety Harness. A friend of mine will sew the flaps to the straps this week.

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I have both the step in harness and the regular mesh harness from Puppia. I like the mesh one way better. Chloe actually backed out of the step in harness once when she was about 7 months old... it just slipped right off of her! We were working on her leash manners, and I went to do a turn as she just stopped, and before I know it she was loose! I don't know if it's because she has such a tiny head or what, but they don't fit as well as the traditional harness (to me).

I do highly recommend the mesh harness, I have a few in different patterns.

Your pup is a cutie, by the way!
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