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Hello!! My family is getting a new puppy and we are unsure of a name for him. He's a Chinese Crested Powder Puff. We came up with Capone and Deuces but my husband doesn't like the names Heres some pictures of him

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LOL...that is just what I was thinking.....Two face :D
LOL...that is just what I was thinking.....Two face :D
It's settled then, the dog HAS to be named Harvey.
omg thats the FIRST name that popped in my husband head was Two-Face!! HAHA I will have to say something bout Harvey! I like it!! My husband is a huge comic book nerd and our Pit bull got his name from Star Wars- VADER lol and We may to name this one Harvey!
Yep, he's a Harvey. I would not have thought of it but it fits. He is a cutie!
Awwee. I like that breed alot. What unique markings! Cute!
He's SO cute. I swear I will own a hairless Chinese Crested one of these days. =] Harvey is an adorable name..
our Pit bull got his name from Star Wars- VADER lol
This is Jango. (Jango Fett) Horrible picture, but it's the only one I have.

The names fit their bucket heads.
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Went to go get the puppy yesterday!! WE get there and I see the one i'm getting before I got out of the car I was like AWH! Well we get up there and we are all talking she goes to let him out he doesn't come to me or my mom just runs off when he got close to one of us he laid down like he was scared and the last dog I had that acted like that ended up biting kids and since i have 3 I couldn't have that.............SO any way my mom goes do you have any more puppies maybe a hairy hairless? She goes I' be right back. She comes out with this puppy and puts him on the ground he just starts bouncing EVERY where so happy to see us I fell in love so ANY WAY heres pictures of the Chinese Crested Hairy Hairless....its a male and has NO name

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obviously a hairy hairless would be named Harry...

I gotta see this dog full body pictures... that's got to be the oddest dog I've ever seen.
haha whats funny is 1 of his brothers has NO HAIR what so ever EXCEPT a WHITE mowhawk I wanted him so bad but he had feet problems.

OK I got a few more pictures to take of him I will get a full body shot of both side of him for you!

OK! I have them all uploaded Here they are

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I am glad you changed your mind on the puppy you took, he is sure cute. At the age the puppies are, they should be friendly, not scared of everyone. I think you made a great choice and hope you have lots of fun with him.
thank you! I got a female pit pone time and she was scared of everyone and she ended up biting and since she was 14 wks figured i could work her out of it NOPE!
You are soooo lucky. I want one so bad!!! It's the dog I dream of having, but never will own. I will live vicariously through you, ok?
lol thats fine!! My moms dream dogs a frenchy but she'll never own one cuz they cost to much Next year actually my mom may have a little of chinese crested puppies
We have decided to name him ****DRUM ROLL****

Master Splinter from Ninja Turtles

LOL! We think he looks JUST like him.
LOVE the name! He is so cute!
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