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Hey Friends!

I am amazingly new to Rhode Island and the way New Englanders are very anti-dog! I can't get over this! The idea that there are strict time limits to go to the beach makes me want to cry and the lack of trails that allow dogs to jog with you are a bit sad too. Maybe I am just not looking in the right place?

I live in northern Rhode Island and don't mind traveling as long as I can get home by night fall. I really want to take my pup on trails that I saw off of 6 on my way through Killingly, CT but I have no idea how to find out if those are dog friendly unless I were to show up... but those are 30 minutes away almost. I feel like those would be a bit of a jog to show up with a dog just to be told "sorry! No can do!".

My dog doesn't get along with others very well yet (soon another post will be popping up for that as well) so I don't want to take him to strict dog park where he will be surrounded by off leash dogs. So I'm looking for a hiking trail that is for both people without pets and allows dogs with people.

Bring Fido . com doesn't really help. It brings out mostly heavy dog populated areas. I'm looking for more mountainous/hilly areas, grassy, (a good beach if you know of one in the area).

I tried researching state parks but RI doesn't do a good job at stating where dogs are allowed on paths on their websites, just at campsites. Same with CT.

If there are good dog parks nearby that are able to get him used to other dogs without being in with all of the other dogs, can you also put that down as well?

Any advice, favorite pathways, non-sketchy ways, etc. Please please, I'm tired of going to the same flat park every day and I know my new step-pup is too.

Please don't worry- you can say anything from CT, RI, DE, and Mass.
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