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Trillion will enter the crate, seek the crate out lay inside and so on, i bought her a kong, she only enjoys it still the "stuff" is gone then she could care less, she will not let me close the door for more than a moment.. even with a toy, she will cry and scream and yelp.

I was told just ignore her,
I did.. she will cry n scream for HOURSSS
I will take her out to potty every hour no funny bussness just back into the crat and she will cry and cry

Iv done it all sorts of ways. She does NOT want that door closed.
Im trying to crate train her so she can be crated while im at work.... Two days a week i work on the crate with her all other five days, and its not like shes scared of it, she will go in for her food. And she will go in whenever shes neer it, and she will stop crying and just lay there if the door is open...

I dont know what to do anymore, how does she not tire herself out, we will play for a good three hours. Chase tug, small training (sit stay laydown). And still she will cry like shes being murderd.
Shes 8 weeks now iv had her since she was 6 weeks.... Shes ALWAYS cried like this..

:|. It seemed to be getting better now its at a standstill
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